Review Safety Guidelines


Feeling Sick? Please stay at home. A refund will be provided if necessary.

Face Masks Required. Face coverings for safety are required when guests leave their vehicle for restroom use or any building access for any reason.

Social Distancing is a MUST In-person & Between Cars. Please maintain an appropriate distance between others. Picture Show reserves the right to enforce social distance measures at all times. Any breach of this will result in removal from the Drive-In with no refund. 

Vehicles Must Social Distance Too.  Designated staff will indicate where to park.  Please follow their instructions and maintain all social distance restrictions. 

Large Vehicle Policy.  Large vehicles will be parked in a designated area.

Your Car is Your Seat. Chairs in front of your vehicle or your truck bed may be used. Please do not gather near your neighbors and respect safe social distance at all times. 

No Outside Food or Beverages Allowed. No Alcohol Sold. 

Restrooms Available Inside the Theatre. Social distancing applies.  You may be asked to wait outside if capacity of the restroom is reached or if cleaning is underway. Thank you for your understanding. 

No Smoking including e-cigarettes.

Keep it Clean. Please dispose of all trash.  Marked bins are provided.

No Rain Checks. Lightning, fog or a disruption in service will result in a refund.


* In accordance with state, local, and CDC guidelines these policies have been developed with guest and associate safety in mind. Failure to comply with the stated policies could lead to guests being asked to leave the Drive-In without a refund.